We present a self-cleaning organic solar cells (OSCs) with a light-trapping structure by introducing a groove-shaped micro/nanostructured haze thin films (GHFs). The GHF with periods larger than wavelengths of incident light can broaden the effective optical paths and promote the diffused lights, while keeping high (low) total transmission (reflectance) properties. When laminated GHF on top of the light-in side of OSCs, the power conversion efficiency of OSCs is improved more than 10%. Simultaneously, the superhydrophobic GHF composed of the groove structure allows the droplets to successfully remove dust particles from the polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) surface during the roll-off process of the drop. Under 10 cycles of dust contamination and cleaning treatment, OSCs with GHF can still guarantee an initial efficiency of 84% (76%), showing great potentials of OSCs in practical applications.

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