Magnetic Weyl semimetals exhibit intriguing transport phenomena due to their non-trivial band structure. Recent experiments in the bulk crystals of the shandite-type Co3Sn2S2 have shown that this material system is a magnetic Weyl semimetal. To access the length scales relevant to chiral transport, it is mandatory to fabricate microstructures of this fascinating compound. We therefore have cut micro-ribbons (typical size 0.3 × 3 × 50 μm3) from Co3Sn2S2 single crystals using a focused beam of Ga2+-ions and investigated the impact of the sample dimensions and possible surface doping on the magnetotransport properties. The large intrinsic anomalous Hall effect observed in the micro-ribbons is quantitatively consistent with the one in bulk samples. Our results show that focused ion beam cutting can be used for nano-patterning single crystalline Co3Sn2S2, enabling future transport experiments in complex microstructures of this Weyl semimetal.

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