This work presents the fabrication of a photodetector based on multiple WO3 nanowires for ultra-violet detection. This photodetector exhibits a photo-to-dark current ratio of the order of 4 with a high relative change in conductance around 8100 upon 340 nm illumination at 0.87 mW/cm2. The photodetector exhibits a high responsivity of 47.3 A/W and a high 340 nm–450 nm rejection ratio of ∼8800 with excellent stability. A low noise equivalent power of 0.37 fW/√Hz and a high detectivity of ∼1012 Jones are observed. We obtained a fast response with a rise time (tr) of 112 μs and a fall time (tf) of 84 μs. These promising results demonstrate the applicability of the photodetector for high speed ultra-violet detection.

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