Healing defects of metallic structures is an essential procedure for manufacturing and maintaining integrated devices. Current nanocomposite-assisted microhealing methodologies are inadequate for nanoscopic applications because of their concomitant contamination and limited operation accuracy. In this paper, we propose an optically controllable targeted nanohealing technique by utilizing the plasmonic-enhanced photothermal effect. The healing of nanogaps between two silver nanowires (NWs) is achieved by increasing the incident laser power in steps. Partial connection of NWs can be readily obtained using this technique, while near-perfect connection of NWs with the same crystal orientations is obtained only when the lattices on the two opposing facets are matched after recrystallization. This non-contaminating nanohealing technique not only provides deeper insight into the heat/mass transfer assisted by plasmonic photothermal conversion in the nanoscale but also suggests avenues for recovering mechanical, electronic, and photonic properties of defected metallic nanodevices.

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