Molecular doping is an efficient, non-destructive, and simple method for changing the electronic structure of materials. Here, we present a simple air ambient vapor deposition method for functionalization of pristine graphene with a strong electron acceptor: copper chloride. The doped graphene was characterized by Raman spectroscopy, UV-vis-NIR optical absorption spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and electro-physical measurements performed using the 4-probe method. The effect of charge transfer from graphene to a dopant results in shifting the Fermi level in doped graphene. The change of the electronic structure of doped graphene was confirmed by the tangential Raman peak (G-peak) shift and by the appearance of the gap in the UV-vis-NIR spectrum after doping. Moreover, the charge transfer resulted in a substantial decrease in electrical sheet resistance depending on the doping level. At the highest concentration of copper chloride, a Fermi level shift into the valence band up to 0.64 eV and a decrease in the sheet resistance value by 2.36 times were observed (from 888 Ω/sq to 376 Ω/sq for a single graphene layer with 97% of transparency).

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