In this work, we fabricated a high performance flash-type organic nonvolatile memory transistor, which adopted polymer-electret poly(α-methylstyrene) (PαMS) and HfO2 films as hybrid charge trapping layer (CTL). Compared with a single HfO2 or PαMS CTL structure, the hybrid HfO2/PαMS CTL structure can provide enhanced charge trapping efficiency to increase the device operation speed and reduce the leakage current to boost the device reliability. The fabricated nonvolatile organic memory transistors with the hybrid CTL shows excellent electrical properties, including low operation voltage (8 V), high speed (<10 ms), excellent data retention (on-off current ratio of 2.6 × 104 after 104 s), and good endurance (more than 2000 program/erase cycles). The present work provides useful idea for the design of future low-power consumption and highly reliable organic nonvolatile memories.

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