We describe a tip-scan-type high-speed XYZ-nanopositioner designed for scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM), with a special care being devoted to the way of nanopipette holding. The nanopipette probe is mounted in the center of a hollow piezoactuator, both ends of which are attached to identical diaphragm flexures, for Z-positioning. This design minimizes the generation of undesirable mechanical vibrations. Mechanical amplification is used to increase the XY-travel range of the nanopositioner. The first resonance frequencies of the nanopositioner are measured as ∼100 kHz and ∼2.3 kHz for the Z- and XY-displacements, respectively. The travel ranges are ∼6 μm and ∼34 μm for Z and XY, respectively. When this nanopositioner is used for hopping mode imaging of SICM with a ∼10-nm radius tip, the vertical tip velocity can be increased to 400 nm/ms; hence, the one-pixel acquisition time can be minimized to ∼1 ms.

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