To evaluate local atomic structures around Co in high temperature diluted ferromagnetic semiconductor Co-doped TiO2, x-ray fluorescence holography and x-ray absorption fine structure experiments were carried out on rutile paramagnetic Ti0.99Co0.01O2 and ferromagnetic Ti0.95Co0.05O2 films. The Co atoms in the Ti0.99Co0.01O2 simply substituted for Ti sites in the rutile structure, whereas a suboxidic arrangement of CoO2Ti4 formed around Co in the Ti0.95Co0.05O2 films. A theoretical investigation based on a series of first-principles calculations indicated the stability of the aggregated suboxidic clusters in the rutile TiO2, supporting our hypothesis for the formation of suboxidic coordination in the highly Co-doped sample. The suboxidic coordination may be the source of strong exchange interaction, resulting in the high Curie temperature in Co-doped TiO2.

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