The electrocaloric effect (ECE), i.e., the adiabatic temperature change ΔTEC, of the lead-free relaxor ferroelectric 0.85K0.5Na0.5NbO3-0.15SrTiO3 (KNN-STO) ceramics is investigated. The ECE data obtained by a direct method show the existence of a large ECE near the temperature of the dielectric permittivity maximum. Due to the high break-down electric field, a large ΔTEC exceeding 1.2 K at 300 K and 1.9 K at 340 K was observed at 159 kV/cm in a broad temperature range of 80 K. Such a high ECE response near the room temperature is comparable to that found in lead-based ceramic materials, thus making KNN-STO a strong candidate to replace lead-based materials in future electrocaloric applications.

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