Influence of Schottky contact between source/drain electrodes and high conductivity a-InGaZnO active layer to the performance of nonvolatile memory devices was first proposed. The Schottky barrier devices faced to the difficulty on electrical discharging process due to the energy barrier forming at the interface, which can be resolved by using Ohmic devices. A memory window of 2.83 V at programming/erasing voltage of ±13 V for Ohmic and 5.58 V at programming voltage of 13 V and light assisted erasing at −7 V for Schottky devices was obtained. Both memory devices using SiO2/SiOx/SiOxNy stacks showed a retention exceeding 70% of trapped charges 10 yr with operation voltages of ±13 V at an only programming duration of 1 ms.

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