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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 124,
Issue 16,
15 April 2024

Focus and Coverage

Applied Physics Letters emphasizes rapid dissemination of key data and new physical insights, offering prompt publication of new experimental and theoretical papers related to applications of physics phenomena in all branches of science, engineering, and modern technology.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Xiaoying Wang, Minxuan Feng et al.
Thermal conductivity ( κ L ) plays a critical role in thermal management applications. Usually, crystals with simpler structures exhibit higher κ L due to fewer phonon ...
Research Article
Xu Ge, Peng Yan et al.
The theory of special relativity is one of the most significant achievements in modern physics, with several important predictions such as time dilation, size contraction for a moving object, and ...
Research Article
Pingling Lin, Qinglei Guo
Heterojunctions have been recognized as promising candidates for the fabrication of broadband photodetectors. However, currently demonstrated heterojunctions suffer from one or more disadvantages in ...
Most Recent
Research Article
N. Petropoulos, X. Wu et al.
We present an in-depth analysis of a single-electron box (SEB) biased through a floating node technique that is common in charge-coupled devices. The device is analyzed and characterized in the ...
Research Article
Xin Jin, Qiling Ou et al.
Thermoelectric (TE) conversion technology, capable of transforming heat into electricity, is critical for sustainable energy solutions. Many promising TE materials contain rare or toxic elements, so ...
Research Article
Zhimin Jing, Cuiping Ma et al.
Manipulating thermo-convective fluid flow induced by plasmonic nanostructures under light illumination has garnered significant attention in various fields, such as biomedical sensing, particle ...
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