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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 123,
Issue 13,
25 September 2023

Focus and Coverage

Applied Physics Letters emphasizes rapid dissemination of key data and new physical insights, offering prompt publication of new experimental and theoretical papers related to applications of physics phenomena in all branches of science, engineering, and modern technology.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Xiao-Jie Wang, Jia-Tai Huang et al.
Achieving higher brightness of a single-photon emitter (SPE) is central for advanced applications from quantum information processing to quantum sensing. However, most approaches of integrating ...
Research Article
Zhihao Ji, Yuna Song et al.
A spintronic terahertz (THz) emitter based on rare-earth-transition-metal ferrimagnetic alloys has drawn wide attention due to its prominent THz emission signals at a magnetic compensated state. ...
Research Article
Yunchao Xu, Zhonghui Deng et al.
Neuromorphic devices have a potential to accelerate high-performance parallel and low-power memory computing, artificial intelligence, and adaptive learning. In this work, a facile and ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Zijie Liu, Xiaolei Guan et al.
The study of atomic physics has been greatly influenced by the development of high-stability diode lasers whose output corresponds to the atomic transition. Recently, an atomic filter laser “Faraday ...
Research Article
Yupeng Zhang, Ruiheng Zhou et al.
A TiO2 MSM UV photodetector has been extensively researched and exhibits many good properties such as stability and a large ratio of light to dark current. However, it suffers from a high dark ...
Research Article
L. Shen, Y. Gong et al.
Small-angle neutron scattering is used to study the exchange bias effect in Mn50Ni40Sn10. The martensitic transformation is found to be responsible for the nanometer-scale spin clusters (SCs) inside ...
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