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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 123,
Issue 23,
4 December 2023

Focus and Coverage

Applied Physics Letters emphasizes rapid dissemination of key data and new physical insights, offering prompt publication of new experimental and theoretical papers related to applications of physics phenomena in all branches of science, engineering, and modern technology.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Zhengyi Li, Junwen Sun et al.
Floquet engineering is a widely applied method for temporally periodic driving in various quantum systems, capable of inducing emergent phenomena, such as Floquet states, Floquet topological ...
Research Article
Ishrat Zarin, Ghassan Arissi et al.
Thin ( ∼ 100 nm thick) hydrophobic polymer films are used in a plethora of applications where water repellency is required. However, hydrophobic film implementation in industry is limited due ...
Research Article
Jing Wan, Kun Cai et al.
In a gas adsorption–desorption process, gas desorption consumes energy, as well. Hence, the development of gas adsorption–desorption methods and/or adsorbent materials with low-energy consumption for ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Yao Ma, Xin Zhao et al.
Lead halide perovskite photodetectors exhibit outstanding photoelectric performance in multiple parameters and have become a widely studied hotspot. The perovskite with single crystal structures ...
Research Article
Xiao-Tong Gong, Hong-Tao Zhou et al.
The acoustic impedance mismatch between water and air limits the acoustic communication through the water–air interface. Here, based on the resonances of bubbles, we propose a metasurface consisting ...
Research Article
Zuxian He, Shoudong Gu et al.
Electromagnetic waves carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM and vortex waves) attract much attention due to their specific characteristics and prospects for use in wireless communication, biomedical ...
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