Kristi Anseth (University of Colorado)
Polymers, self-assembly, stem cells, and tissue engineering

Stuart Crozier (University of Queensland)
Magnetic resonance imaging, bioelectromagnetics, superconducting magnetic design

Dennis Discher (University of Pennsylvania)
Mechanobiology, cell mechanics, tissue biomechanics

Eric Furst (University of Delaware)
Colloids, polymers, biomolecules and fluid mechanics

Sharon Gerecht (Duke University)
3D culture environments, stem cell self renewal and differentiation, tissue engineering

Liesbet Geris (University of Liège)
In silico regenerative medicine, tissue engineering

Liam Grover (University of Birmingham)
Tissue Engineering and regeneration, biomaterials, mechanical performance of ceramics and soft solids

Sarah Heilshorn (Stanford University)
Biomaterials in regenerative medicine, protein engineering, stem cell differentiation

Amy Herr (University of California, Berkeley)
Microfluidics, bioanalysis, single-cell analysis tools, electrokinetic transport, engineering design

Jinah Jang (Pohang University of Science and Technology)
Bioprinting, tissue engineering

Roger Kamm (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Microfluidics, biomechanics, biofluids, cell mechanics, mechanotransduction, cancer, cardiovascular disease, tissue models, engineered living systems

C.T. Lim (National University of Singapore)
Human disease biomechanics & mechanobiology, Microfluidic technologies for disease detection, diagnosis and therapy

Feng-Huei Lin (National Taiwan University)
Biomaterials, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, nanomedicine

Mian Long (Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Cellular & molecular mechanics, mechanobiology, engineered tissue/organ reconstruction

Matthias Lutolf (The Roche Institute for Translational Bioengineering)
Artificial niches, adult stem cell regulation

Gareth McKinley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Rheology, Non-newtonian fluid dynamics, hydrodynamic instabilities, extensional rheometry

Geeta Mehta (University of Michigan)
Cancer models, mechanobiology, biomaterials

Fergal O’Brien (Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland)
Bioactive Scaffolds, Natural Polymer Biomaterlas, Tissue Engineering, Gene Therapy, Mechanobiology, Orthopedics

Geraldine O’Neill (University of Sydney)
Cell biology, cell signaling, mechanobiology, and cancer

Roisin Owens (University of Cambridge)
Biomaterials, biosensors

Milica Radisic (University of Toronto)
Organ-on-a-chip engineering, tissue engineering, biomaterials, stem cells

Francesca Santoro (RWTH Aachen University)
Biomaterials, bioelectronics

Frank Scheffold (University of Fribourg)
Optical physics, rheology, structured systems, measurement systems

Jennifer Shin (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology)
Mechanobiology, cell mechanics, disease modeling

Molly Stevens (Imperial College London)
Regenerative medicine, stem cells, and bioactive scaffolds

Shoji Takeuchi (University of Tokyo)
Biohybrid systems, bottom-up tissue engineering, artificial cells/lipid bilayer membranes, MEMS/microfluidics

Ivan Wall (University of Birmingham, Co-Founder and Director of FourPlus Immersive, Co-Founder and CEO of Quest Meat)
Bioprocessing, cell therapy, directing cell fate and bioceramics

Anthony Weiss (University of Sydney)
Protein biochemistry and biophysics, self-assembly, and biomaterials

Ernst Wolvetang (University of Queensland)
Stem cell biology, epigenetics, neurodegenerative diseases, regenerative medicine

Tim Woodfield (University of Otago, Christchurch)
Tissue Engineering and regenerative medicine, stem cells, bio-fabrication and device development

Alpha Yap (University of Queensland)
Cell biomechanics, cell-cell interactions, tissue shape/structure

Wai Yee Yeong (Nanyang Technological University)
Bioprinting, bioelectronics, biomaterials

Christopher Yip (University of Toronto)
Molecular self-assembly, single molecule imaging tools and techniques, instrument design and integration, computational biophysics

Xin Zhao (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Biomaterials, tissue engineering