AIP Advances is sponsoring the Advances in Magnetism Award at the 2023 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM) Conference, and it will be awarded to the best paper submitted as part of the 2022 MMM conference (Minneapolis, MN).

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the award presented at the 2023 MMM Conference the candidate must have a 2022 MMM conference paper accepted for publication in AIP Advances.

Selection Process

An Award Selection Committee will judge papers nominated by the Publication Editors handling manuscripts for a current MMM conference. The award will be given to the first author of the winning paper, and the winner will be notified of their award via email.


The Award will be a 3500 USD cash prize and a 2500 USD travel allowance for the next in-person MMM conference. The winning paper and finalist papers will be promoted to researchers in the magnetism community.


Email for questions about eligibility, the selection process, or the award.

Winner from 2020 MMM Conference Papers

Finalists from 2020 MMM Conference Papers:

Alessandro Magni for Domain structure and energy losses up to 10 kHz in grain-oriented Fe-Si sheets

Anil Adhikari for Surface acoustic waves increase magnetic domain wall velocity

Sergi Lendinez for Temperature-dependent collective magnetization reversal in a network of ferromagnetic nanowires

Hanshen Tsai for Spin–orbit torque switching of the antiferromagnetic state in polycrystalline Mn3Sn/Cu/heavy metal heterostructures

Seunghwan Bang for Study on the acid-base balance in blood under pulsed magnetic field using magnetic beads

Komalavalli Thirunavukkuarasu for Magneto-elastic coupling in multiferroic metal-organic framework [(CH3)2NH2]Co(HCOO)3

Selection Committee:

Zachary Ridgway (Associate Editor, AIP Publishing)
Bethanie Stadler (MMM Programming Committee)
Victorino Franco (MMM Publication Chair)

MMM 2020 Publication Editors and Nomination Committee:

Fernando Bartolomé
Ravi L. Hadimani
Feng Xia Hu
Attila Kakay
Jia Yan Law
Nicoleta Lupu
Alexandru Stancu

Winner from 2019 MMM Conference Papers

Finalists from 2019 MMM Conference Papers:

Anastasiia Moskaltsova for Impact of the magnetic proximity effect in Pt on the total magnetic moment of Pt/Co/Ta trilayers studied by x-ray resonant magnetic reflectivity

Loi Tonthat for A simple and rapid detection system for oral bacteria in liquid phase for point-of-care diagnostics using magnetic nanoparticles

Minyeol Kim for Magnetic properties of Mn substituted strontium ferrite powders synthesized by the molten salt method

Masaki Sekino for Development of an automatic magneticimmunostaining system for rapidintraoperative diagnosis of cancermetastasis

Connor S. Smith for Nanoscale structural evaluation of 0-3 magnetic nanocomposites fabricated by electro-infiltration

R. E. Fontana for Tape in the cloud—Technology developments and roadmaps supporting 80 TB cartridge capacities

Selection Committee:

Alina Bruma (Associate Editor, Applied Physics Reviews)
Barry Zink (MMM Programming Committee)
Victorino Franco (MMM Publication Chair)

MMM 2019 Publication Editors and Nomination Committee:

Ravi Hadimani
Kiyonori Suzuki
Fernando Bartolome
Joao Amaral
Nicoleta Lupu
Riccardo Hertel
Alexandru Stancu