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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 14,
Issue 1,
January 2024

Focus and Coverage

AIP Advances is an open access, multidisciplinary journal covering all areas of the physical sciences — experimental, theoretical, and applied. The inclusive scope and publication standards of AIP Advances makes it an essential outlet for scientists across the physical sciences.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Arnob Ghosh, Kamruzzaman Khan et al.
In this paper, we report the molecular beam epitaxy-grown InGaN-quantum disks embedded within selective area epitaxy of GaN nanowires with both Ga- and N-polarities. A detailed comparative analysis ...
Research Article
Andrew D. Pope, Seth Iwan et al.
Additively manufactured high-entropy alloys are of interest because of their unique combination of high yield strength and large ductility achieved with far-from-equilibrium crystalline phases and ...
Research Article
Lijuan Chen, Chenfei Guo et al.
Accurate control of liquid–liquid interfaces is of great importance in many scientific fields. Currently, most studies on liquid–liquid interfaces are based on microfluidics in closed channels, and ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Takenori Iwaya, Shuhei Ichikawa et al.
For the development of III-nitride-semiconductor-based monolithic micro-light-emitting diode (LED) displays, Eu,O-codoped GaN (GaN:Eu,O) is a promising material candidate for the red LEDs. The ...
Research Article
Jingyou Wu
Shannon entropy is used to measure information uncertainty, while the information dimension is used to measure information complexity. Given two probability distributions, the difference can be ...
Research Article
Minwoo M. Kim, Sangkyung Lee
We theoretically analyze an optically spin-polarized collection of atoms, which serves as a basis for atomic sensors. Assuming that the intrinsic atomic spin projection noise is negligible, we ...
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