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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 13,
Issue 10,
October 2023

Focus and Coverage

AIP Advances is an open access, multidisciplinary journal covering all areas of the physical sciences — experimental, theoretical, and applied. The inclusive scope and publication standards of AIP Advances makes it an essential outlet for scientists across the physical sciences.

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Editor's Picks
Research Article
Tatsuhiko Miyata, Yu Funahara et al.
We extend the correlation functions obtained by molecular dynamics (MD) simulation for a molten salt modeled as a superposition of the Lennard-Jones (LJ) and Coulomb potentials using the hybrid ...
Research Article
Fei Wan, Li-Hua Lu et al.
Detecting a weak electric field in a strong noisy background is always an interesting but hard task. We investigate the collective effects of charged Brownian particles in the presence of a weak ...
Research Article
Hong Li, Qingfeng Wang
Deep learning surrogate models can be employed in solid mechanics to forecast the behavior of structures subjected to various loading conditions, substantially decreasing the computational costs ...
Most Recent
Research Article
Xingguang Hu, Zhenhan Li et al.
The DC mechanical switch is connected in series with the superconducting magnet in the quench protection system. As the main switch that carries the magnet current for a long time, the temperature of ...
Research Article
Chuanming Sun, An Zhang et al.
The excellent insulation performance of roof insulators is crucial to the reliability of operating trains. The complex environment encountered by trains may cause roof insulator insulation failure, ...
Research Article
Waleed Marzouk, Shakaiba Shafiq et al.
In this article, the odd Lomax Gompertz distribution has been introduced, which is derived by modifying the Gompertz distribution to serve as a baseline model in the odd generalized Lomax ...
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