We adapt OpenGDA [1], the open source software from Diamond Light Source (DLS) to collect a basic version which we call GDA-Lite for beamline commission at Taiwan Photon Source (TPS). Integrations of the beamline-specific hardware and user-configuration need to be implemented for each beamline. There are three beamlines commissioned successfully by GDA-Lite from now on. Furthermore, we are developing the customized GDA client application for the TPS 25A – Coherent X-ray Scattering Beamline to meet the beamline scientist’s needs. There are many user-friendly UIs developed on the OpenGDA framework for controlling motors, shutter, and detectors. OpenGDA, this software framework will be one solution and continuously developed for data acquisition on more beamlines in TPS.

E. P.
M. T.
N. P.
. “
GDA AND EPICS: Working in Unison for Science Driven Data Acquisition and Control at Diamond Light Source