The construction of a precise temperature-controlling system for the X-ray Nanoprobe (XNP) beamline at Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) was completed and commissioned. This system includes the compact air handling units (AHUs), extruded-aluminum frames covered with double-layer plastic curtains and taken as the local temperature-controlled areas, fabric porous pipes, and thermally insulated pipes for air transporting. The compact AHU was developed by the members of Utility and Civil Group in National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC) and verified to supply air with a temperature variation within ±0.02 °C during 24 hours. However, the slight thermal exchange between inner and outer regions of the transporting pipes influences the temperature of supplied air. The temperature variation at air inlets of the local temperature-controlled areas was also verified within ±0.03 °C. The precise temperature-controlling system minimizes the fluctuation of ambient temperature for the critical components, such as the monochromator, mirror system, slits and sample, therefore it enhances the thermal stability of mechanism for these components. The overall layout of hardware and testing results of the precise temperature-controlling system are described in this paper.

Z. D.
 et al, “
The Strategy between High Precision Temperature Control and Energy Saving for Air-conditioning System
”, in
Proceedings of IPAC
New Orleans, USA
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