Two 2.7-m long solenoid magnets with a cold mass of 1400 kg were fabricated in between 2007 and 2010. The magnet cryostat outside diameter is ∼1.4 meters and the cryostat length is ∼2.73 meters. The magnet warm bore is 0.4 meters. The magnet was designed to be cooled using three 1.5 W two-stage coolers. In both magnets, three coolers could not keep the cryostat filled with liquid helium. The temperatures of the shield and the tops of the HTS leads were too warm. A 140 W single stage cooler was added to magnet 2 to cool the HTS leads, the shield and the cold mass support intercepts. When the magnet 2 was retested in 2010, the net cooling at 4.2 K was −1.5 W with first-stage temperatures of the four coolers at ∼42 K. The tops of the HTS leads were <50 K, but the shield and cold mass support intercepts remained too warm. The solenoid cryostat and shield were modified during 2011 and 2012 to reduce the 4.2 K heat load and increase the cooling. This magnet was tested in 2012, with five 1.5 W two-stage coolers and the single stage cooler. The changes made in the magnet are described in this report. As a result of the cryostat and shield changes, and adding 3.0 W of cooling at 4.2 K, the net 4.2 K cooling changed from −1.6 W to +5.0 W. About half of the change in net cooling to this magnet was due changes that reduced the shield temperature. This report demonstrates the importance of running the shield cold (∼40 K) and reducing the heat loads from all sources on both the shield and the cold mass.

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