In space application the precision level measurement of cryogenic liquids in the storage tanks is done using triple redundant capacitance level sensor, for control and safety point of view. The linearity of each sensor element depends upon the cylindricity and concentricity of the internal and external electrodes. The complexity of calibrating all sensors together has been addressed by two step calibration methodology which has been developed and used for the calibration of six capacitance sensors. All calibrations are done using Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) as a cryogenic fluid. In the first step of calibration, one of the elements of Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) level sensor is calibrated using 700mm eleven point discrete diode array. Four wire method has been used for the diode array. Thus a linearity curve for a single element of LH2 is obtained. In second step of calibration, using the equation thus obtained for the above sensor, it is considered as a reference for calibrating remaining elements of the same LH2 sensor and other level sensor (either Liquid Oxygen (LOX) or LH2). The elimination of stray capacitance for the capacitance level probes has been attempted. The automatic data logging of capacitance values through GPIB is done using LabVIEW 8.5.

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