We have modified scanning transmission x‐ray microscopes (STXM) at the Canadian Light Source and the Advanced Light Source with total electron yield (TEY) detection (TEY‐STXM). This provides improved surface‐sensitive detection, simultaneous with existing bulk‐sensitive transmission detection in the STXM microscopes. We have explored sample‐current and channeltron‐based electron yield detection. Both approaches provide improved surface sensitive imaging and spectroscopy, although channeltron‐based detection is superior. TEY‐STXM provides surface sensitive imaging of ultrathin films such as phase‐separated Langmuir‐Blodgett monolayer films, as well as differentiation of surface and bulk oxides of patterned metallic thin films. This paper will outline the experimental challenges of this method and the opportunities for correlative surface and bulk measurements of complex samples.

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