We investigate the properties of quasi‐two‐dimensional electrons in AlP quantum wells by measuring cyclotron resonance, quantum Hall effect, and Shubnikov de Haas oscillations in modulation‐doped AlP‐GaP type‐II quantum wells. We find that in wide AlP wells, the lowest conduction band states are in the Xt valleys transverse to the growth direction, that the valley degeneracy of this state is gν=2, and that the cyclotron effective mass mtml = (0.52 ± 0.01) × m0. These results indicate that the biaxial strain resulting from the lattice mismatch of AlP quantum well with respect to the GaP substrate and barrier layers causes the longitudinal Xl valley to be lifted above the transverse Xt valley. Further, the two‐fold degeneracy of the Xt valley indicates that the conduction band minimum in AlP is located exactly at the X‐point of the Brillouin zone.

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