The CLS 06ID‐1 Hard X‐ray Micro‐Analysis Beamline (HXMA) is a general purpose hard X‐ray spectroscopy beamline (5 to 40 keV) designed to serve users in XAFS, diffraction and microprobe communities. The beamline uses the synchrotron radiation from a superconducting wiggler. The primary beamline optics include a 1.2 m water‐cooled silicon collimating mirror (separate Rh and Pt coating stripes), a liquid nitrogen cooled double crystal monochromator (Kohzu CMJ‐1) housing two crystal pairs (Si 111 and 220), and a 1.15 m long water‐cooled silicon toroidal focusing mirror (separate Rh and Pt coating stripes). All mirrors are equipped with dynamical meridian benders. The experimental hutch hosts three experimental setups for XAFS, diffraction and microprobe, respectively. Primary design considerations and some commissioning results are discussed.

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