The former TGM3‐beamline of BESSYI was rebuilt at the 1.5 GeV storage ring facility DELTA at the University of Dortmund, Germany. This dipole beamline provides synchrotron radiation between 6 and 200 eV for photoelectron spectroscopy and Fermi‐surface‐mapping experiments. The former beamline design was kept, especially the optical layout. The vacuum system was completely redesigned, except the mirror and slit chambers. For the beamline‐setup at DELTA, the focusing mirror is mounted inside the radiation wall shielding, therefore a motorisation of the mirror movements was necessary. The thermal load on the optical elements at DELTA is much higher than the previous load at BESSYI because of the higher electron beam energy in the storage ring. Therefore a watercooling of the first mirror had to be integrated and a complete new design of the chamber for the focusing mirror was necessary. In order to integrate the monochromator into the beamline control system, the monochromator control system had to be replaced. First commissioning of the beamline will be performed in 2006.

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