Front end x‐ray beam position monitors (FE XBPM) have been designed and implemented at the Canadian Light Source (CLS, 2.9 GeV, 500 mA) to dynamically provide spatial coordinates of the centre of gravity of the synchrotron radiation intensity profile. At the CLS these fiducialized coordinates are used primarily for beamline performance diagnosis. Currently they are in use on three beamlines: HXMA (06ID‐1), CMCF (08ID‐1), and XSR (02B2‐2) which are sourced by superconducting wiggler, in‐vacuum small gap undulator and bending magnet, respectively. The monitors are all based on photoelectric yield detection mechanism by inserting high heat load capacity conducting probes into the periphery of the radiation central cone. The design and commissioning performance of these XBPMs will be discussed.

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