A mass analyzing ion implantation system (called Ion Doping iG4) was developed for FPD manufacturing. One of most important concept of iG4 is to transport a sheet ion beam maintaining its current density profile from the ion source to the target, which leads good mass resolution and simple control of the beam profile. The system has a bucket type ion source which provides a sheet ion beam whose longer dimension of the cross section is 800 mm the 4th generation FPD glass substrate generally sized 730mm × 920mm. The sheet ion beam is mass‐analyzed with a dipole sector magnet with a long pole gap. In order to enhance through‐put for Source Drain implantation processes, we modified the ion source to increase high beam currents and obtained 300μA/cm for Boron ion beams and 500μA/cm for Phosphorus ion beams. Better uniformity and higher mass resolution were achieved by optimizing shape of the analyzing magnet pole faces.

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