The project DEMETER (DEMonstration of Earth observation Technologies in Routine irrigation advisory services; http://www.demeter‐ has been financed by the U.E. within the V Framework Program and it is dedicated to the development of techniques for using space remote sensing data (Earth Observation, EO data) for improving water management in agriculture. The specific object of the project is the setting‐up of a pre‐operative prototype which integrates satellite data and information‐technology to improve the performance of irrigation advisory services (IAS) at both district and farm levels. The system has been implemented in three pilot zones (in Spain, Portugal and Italy). This paper provides the experience for the Italian pilot zone and shows the results of the operative demonstration campaign during the 2005 irrigation season. The practicality of receiving and processing space remote sensing data in near‐real‐time, the irrigation performance improvements due the system adopted and feedbacks from farmers are reported.

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