A large number of antiprotons have been accumulated, cooled, compressed, and extracted for the first time. This was accomplished combining the AD(Antiproton Decelerator), the RFQD (Radio Frequency Quadrupole Decelerator) and an MRT (Multi‐Ring Trap) installed in a 2.5T solenoid. Some 1.2 × 106 antiprotons were stably stored per one AD shot, which was ∼50 times better in the accumulation efficiency than conventional methods with thick degrader foils. The trapped antiprotons were then cooled by a preloaded electron plasma(∼ 108/cm3), radially compressed by a rotating electric field, and then extracted from the MRT as mono‐energetic DC beams of 10–500eV. A similar system with much higher electron density(∼ 1011/cm3) has enabled a new positron accumulation, the efficiency of which is 360e+/s/mCi, some ∼30 times better than previous UHV compatible schemes. With these ingredients, a cusp trap is under developement, which could synthesize and at the same time trap spin‐polarized antihydrogen atoms in their ground states.

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