TALYS is a nuclear‐reaction program which simulates nuclear reactions that involve neutrons, gamma‐rays, protons, deuterons, tritons, helions, and alpha‐particles, in the 1 keV – 200 MeV energy range. A suite of nuclear‐reaction models has been implemented into a single code system, enabling us to evaluate basically all nuclear reactions beyond the resonance range. An overview is given of the main nuclear models used, such as newly developed optical models, various compound nucleus, fission, gamma‐ray strength, level density, and pre‐equilibrium models, all driven by a comprehensive database of nuclear‐structure parameters. The predictive power of the code is demonstrated by comparing calculated results with a very diverse set of experimental observables. Our aim is to show that TALYS represents a robust computational approach that covers the whole path from fundamental nuclear‐reaction models to the creation of complete data libraries for nuclear applications.

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