The Colliding Beam Fusion Reactor Space Propulsion System, CBFR‐SPS, is an aneutronic, magnetic‐field‐reversed configuration, fueled by an energetic‐ion mixture of hydrogen and boron11 (H‐B11). Particle confinement and transport in the CBFR‐SPS are classical, hence the system is scaleable. Fusion products are helium ions, α‐particles, expelled axially out of the system. α‐particles flowing in one direction are decelerated and their energy recovered to “power” the system; particles expelled in the opposite direction provide thrust. Since the fusion products are charged particles, the system does not require the use of a massive‐radiation shield. This paper describes a 100 MW CBFR‐SPS design, including estimates for the propulsion‐system parameters and masses. Specific emphasis is placed on the design of a closed‐cycle, Brayton‐heat engine, consisting of heat‐exchangers, turbo‐alternator, compressor, and finned radiators.

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