BEARS is an initiative to develop a radioactive ion-beam capability at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The aim is to produce isotopes at an existing medical cyclotron and to accelerate them at the 88 Cyclotron. To overcome the 300-meter physical separation of these two accelerators, a carrier-gas transport system will be used. At the terminus of the capillary, the carrier gas will be separated and the isotopes will be injected into the 88 Cyclotron’s Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) ion source. The first radioactive beams to be developed will include 20-min 11C and 70-sec 14O, produced by (p,n) and (p, α) reactions on low-Z targets. A test program is currently being conducted at the 88 Cyclotron to develop the parts of the BEARS system. Preliminary results of these tests lead to projections of initial 11C beams of up to 2.5×107ions/sec and 14O beams of 3×105ions/sec.

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