Polarized FTIR ATR spectroscopy was used to investigate the interaction of mitochondrial creatine kinase (Mi-CK) and intestinal alkaline phosphatase (AP) with model membrane assemblies. Mi-CK was immobilized by adsorption to the negatively charged cardiolipin (CL) leaflet of a supported CL/DPPA bilayer. H-D-exchange of the enzyme and the stability under flowthrough conditions of the protein/membrane assembly were examined. AP, however, was bound to a DPPA Langmuir-Blodgett layer (LBL), followed by the completion of a bilayer-like structure by adsorption of POPC molecules from a vesicular solution. It turned out that the POPC adsorbate exhibited decreased molecular order compared to the POPC molecules on a supported POPC/DPPA bilayer. Enzymatic activity of immobilized AP was determined with p-nitrophenyl phosphate (p-NPP) as substrate and remained unchanged for at least 2 days.

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