Paragon Space Development Corporation (SDC) has developed an Autonomous Biological System (ABS) that can be flown in space to provide for long term growth and breeding of aquatic plants, animals, microbes and algae. The system functions autonomously and in isolation from the spacecraft life support systems and with no mandatory crew time required for function or observation. The ABS can also be used for long term plant and animal life support and breeding on a free flyer space craft. The ABS units are a research tool for both pharmaceutical and basic space biological sciences. Development flights in May of 1996 and September, 1996 through January, 1997 were largely successful, showing both that the hardware and life systems are performing with beneficial results, though some surprises were still found. The two space flights, plus the current flight now on Mir, are expected to result in both a scientific and commercially usable system for breeding and propagation of animals and plants in space.

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