We present preliminary results for AGNs and starburst galaxies the ISO-IRAS Faint Galaxy Survey (IIFGS). The goal of the survey is to produce a database of infrared-luminous galaxies at redshifts of about 0.1–1 to help explore the AGN-starburst relationship, study the cosmological evolution of luminous infrared galaxies, and identify possible protogalaxy candidates. The candidate list of ∼3700 sources has been extracted from the IRAS Faint Source Survey using criteria selecting for faint, infrared-bright galaxies. The ISO observations will confirm the IRAS detections, yield sensitive 12 & 90 μm fluxes, and provide positions to ∼6′′ accuracy which will allow unambiguous optical identifications. Confirmed sources are being followed up with ground-based observations to determine optical magnitudes and accurate redshifts. In this preliminary phase we have in hand ∼100 observed fields and are developing techniques to maximize the sensitivity of the observations. Early results for the ISOCAM 12 μm images indicate we can reliably detect sources as faint as ∼0.5 mJy;∼80% of the fields contain at least one source.

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