The experiment involved broilers of the Cobb-500 cross, which at the age of one day were divided into 3 groups (n=50) by the method of pair-analogues according to live weight. The control group received the main diet, experimental groups 1 and 2 received the feed additive "Farmatan Liquid" / Farmatan Liquid in the amount of 1 and 2 ml / l diluted in drinking water from 1 to 5 and from 20 to 24 days of cultivation. Histological studies were carried out at 7-and 42 days of age. In the jejunum, duodenum and proximal part of the caecum at a week of age, there is a significant increase in the thickness of the layer of villi (by 25.97% on average in the experimental groups) and crypts (by 18% on average in the experimental groups), regardless of dosage. At the age of 42 days in the duodenum, the effect of an increase in the layer of villi, observed at 7 days, is preserved, in the jejunum of the 2nd experimental group, the layer of villi is significantly higher (by 20.6%). those who received the supplement, the thickness of the muscle plate of the mucous membrane (by 28.1-31.4%) and the muscular membrane (by 31.3-52.9%) was significantly higher, in the 1st experimental group the layer of villi was significantly lower (by 25.3%) At the age of 42 days, the broilers treated with the supplement showed better preservation of the villus epithelium in the proximal part of the caecum. In general, the effect of the drug "Farmatan Liquid" / Farmatan Liquid on the morphology of the intestines of broilers can be assessed as positive.

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