The internet nowadays fitted with an LTE network that allows channels to transmit high-speed data, making it easier to browse the internet. The issue with every service provider’s mobile network is that they cannot provide perfect connectivity at all times especially in an indoor environment. Therefore, this paper presents the performance measurement result of LTE cellular networks in an indoor environment of commercial areas and residential areas. Areas covered in these projects are within the Kuala Lumpur vicinity, such as Bangsar and Bukit Jalil. This study aims to measure and analyze LTE cellular network’s signal quality between multiple telecommunication service providers available in Malaysia. The measurement is performed by conducting a walk test using the G-NetTrack Pro application installed on a smartphone. The building’s floorplans are inserted into the G-NetTrack Pro application, and walk test measurement is done on a selected floor. The measurement results present that Digi Telecommunication service provider shows the best signal quality for both areas with 83% at residential area and 66% at commercial area. The operator will benefit from the measurement results given in the study for future LTE deployment and improvement in Malaysia.

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