Pohuwato Regency is the westernmost region of Gorontalo Province, which is in the central region of the Tomini Bay Area, dealing directly with international tourist areas, namely Togian Island in Tojo Una-Una Regency, Central Sulawesi Province, relying on fishery business as one of the fulfillment of economic needs. . Lobster is one of the fishery commodities with high selling value in this area. The impact will be felt when the lobster has begun to decrease to be traded. Factors that are not environmentally friendly fishing gear and damage to water quality are also able to affect lobster fisheries. This study aims to diagnose lobster fisheries in Torosiaje Village, Tomini Bay Area based on the EAFM (Ecosystem approach to fisheries Management) domain, and to assess the diversity of lobster fisheries in Pohuwato Regency, Tomini Bay Waters Area with an ecosystem approach. The research was carried out in May – August 2021 in.the waters of Pohuwato Regency, especially in Torosiaje and Lemito villages. Primary data retrieval is done by using purposive sampling method. Secondary data collection in this study is by observing scientific studies, government report documents and national and regional policies. The average respondent has been a fisherman for 12 years, with the longest being a fisherman for 20 years and the shortest being 3 years. The results show that the five EAFM (Ecosystem approach to fisheries Management) domains such as fish resources, fishing techniques, social, economic, institutional are in good category. Meanwhile, the habitat and ecosystem domains are in the medium category.

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