This paper aims to analyze the cultural practices of the Gorontalo community that contributes to creating space for the massive spread of Covid-19. By doing a descriptive analysis, this research focused on two types of arguments based on the research findings. Firstly, the massive spread of Covid-19 in.Gorontalo is due to the kinship-based system and social interaction that has been maintained by the community throughout centuries; while secondly, it is due to the overlapping implementation of the governmental policies. By looking at these facts, consequently, the pandemic accelerates within the communities. Interestingly, this massive spread and cluster are found not in the rural but in the villages where the cultural-based system occurs in administrative and private spaces. Thus, it can be concluded that being dependent on the cultures has resulted in the massive spread of the pandemic. In dealing with that, there is a dilemma: keep preserving the culture, reconceptualizing it, or leaving it for the sake of well-being.

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