Nowadays, wireless technology is not only used to transport data or files from one device to another, but also to deliver a certain amount of energy. The potential technique is the so-called wireless power transmission (WPT) system. One of the important components in WPT system construction is the antenna part to transmit and receive the electromagnetic waves. This study proposes a design of helical antenna with working frequency of 2.4 GHz by optimizing the parameters, i.e. the number of turns, the thickness of the copper, and the height of the helix. The constructed helical antenna is the preliminary stage of the whole WPT design to be fabricated later on. Based on the simulation performed using the licensed CST Microwave studio 2018 software, it has been shown that the best return loss of -15.16 dB was achieved at the targeted resonance frequency. Meanwhile, the excellent gain abruptly 10 dB and the narrow bandwidth operation of 57 MHz and VSWR value of 1.42 were also obtained from the numerical computing steps.

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