This project proposes a new power management system (PMS) charging station for hydrogen and electric cars that uses a diesel energy battery bank (BB), Diesel generator conversion system (DECS), and photovoltaic (PV) with hydrogen unit (HYG) and fuel cell unit (FC). The control goals of the proposed PMS system are to guarantee battery management based on PV irradiance, Diesel generating capacity, Hydrogen level, and Fuel cell capacity, (ii) to reduce system power loss (high efficient), and (iii) to improve system dependability and power quality. The power management and stability of an Electrical Vehicle-connected system with a large-scale Diesel generator (DG)-photovoltaic (PV) and Fuel cell (FC) with hydrogen unit, as well as an energy-storage unit based on battery, are suggested in this project. This project is developing an off-grid charging infrastructure for hydrogen and electric cars. It is feasible to charge both hydrogen and electric cars at the same time. They show as two hydrogen and electrical load demands at the charging station. The charging station is powered by solar panels. A bidirectional buck boost converter is utilized as an extra converter unit for the battery, hydrogen, and fuel cell units. The suggested PMS approach exhibits superior operational performance in terms of grid reliability improvement, loss reduction, load sharing, and battery management under operating circumstances. Simulating the suggested system is done in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.

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