Information technology (IT) businesses need to focus on green cloud computing, as we certainly cannot go back to traditional ways of doing things in an organization. This paper depicts the theoretical analysis (ethnography qualitative research by participant observation-as a complete observer) of how each organization can make a difference by adopting green cloud computing services instead of the regular cloud computing services. Considering the number of carbon emissions emitted by Total Cost to the Environment (TCE) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) separately, it indicates that the TCE can relatively decrease the release of greenhouse gases and e-waste generated to a greater extent. Some IT organizations concentrate more on TCO than TCE, which can be a potential threat to the environment. To maintain a healthy TCE, IT organizations can take responsibility for their carbon emissions by following certain practices. This article highlights the positive implications of TCE in comparison with TCO in IT organizations. Accordingly, IT Organizations can ensure environmental sustainability over the years without making any major changes when made mandatory. Moreover, it will help organizations to attain an optimized solution promising a better environment for future generations.

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