The contribution describes the usage of the freeware GeoGebra for developing the skills of the students of the first year of the bachelor study at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Liberec. The freeware GeoGebra is used as one of the tools for a clearer projection of more demanding constructions of the surfaces of revolution in the Monge projection. Both the Graphics 2D and the Graphics 3D of the GeoGebra are utilized for the possibility of connecting the 2D construction in the Monge projection with modelling the spatial situation in the Graphics 3D. Consequently, the surfaces of revolution as well as the helpful objects and final curves of the intersections of two surfaces of revolution can be seen from different points of view in the Graphics 3D. Finally, the possibilities of using the GeoGebra in the online way of teaching within the course named Constructive Geometry are introduced.

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