Intelligent transport traffic management systems allow us to solve one of the most important problems today – traffic congestion. The use of new approaches from the field of intelligent transport systems makes it possible to minimize the losses associated with a high level of traffic convenience and optimal use of the existing road infrastructure. Today's challenges in the field of road traffic speak of the inevitable cooperation of autonomous systems to achieve the desired result, namely, the optimal use of infrastructure. The development of such approaches and methods in the field of intelligent transport control systems is an open task today. To implement such approaches, it is necessary to obtain reliable measurements of traffic parameters and develop appropriate algorithms for managing traffic flows. The development in modern traffic management systems is the widespread use of cameras. From the obtained video cameras, photo and video fixation for traffic to assess several parameters of movement, such as traffic vehicles, the safety distance between vehicles, vehicle type, speed, matrix, appointments, etc. In this work a system for monitoring parameters of traffic flow, allowing you to monitor the movement of vehicles, which allow to forecast the movement of vehicles.

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