The development of an immensely efficient and eco-friendly air-cooling system which operates in parallel or as an alternative to a present vapor compression system is todays need. Researchers from last two decades are striving different solutions for advances in field of air-conditioning. This work presents the design and development of novel hybrid air conditioning systems for passenger vehicle using precooled air of direct evaporative cooling supplied to adsorption cooling system powered by engine exhaust gases. The heat potential in vehicle is found and mathematical model of hybrid air conditioning system is presented. The experimental data is extracted under vehicle running condition and cooling capacity and COP are plotted at various vehicle operating speed. The maximum operating pressure is achieved at 780seconds of heating time in 70kmph vehicle speed. The average cooling capacity of 1.439kW is achieved with COP of 0.53. Due to compactness of novel hybrid air conditioning system the applicability can further extended to increase in cooling capacity.

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