It is very important to reduce the cost of modern industries and pollution which represents major damage to the environment. In these days, it is increasingly using waste materials in the promotion and formation of a new material, so this research used polyester with ash from sunflower husk for preparing particulate composites, then examining the possibility of reused the wasted material in reinforcing of composite materials and investigating the new composite properties according to unsaturated polyester. Sunflower husk ash added to unsaturated polyester material at different concentration (2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10) wt.% by hand lay-up method to prepare the specimens that are used in inspections, the inspections that are applied to these specimens include (tensile strength, modules of elasticity, impact strength, hardness, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat, density and water absorption). The results showed that the tensile strength, elastic modulus and impact strength improved with the increase of the ash percent. The tensile strength is increased from (18 MPa) for unsaturated polyester, while get maximum value (31.7 MPa) for (5 %wt.) percent of ash. Also can noted that the hardness decreased with the increase of ash percent from (80 shore D) for unsaturated polyester, while get minimum value (66.7 shore D) for (10 %wt.) percent of ash.

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