Neem oil (azadirachtin) is long known as a natural insecticide or medication for humans and animals. This study aimed to formulate an herbal shampoo and understand the efficacy of neem oil in the atopic treatment of companion animals (cats and dogs) of Vietnam. From November 2019 - May 2020, 35kg neem fruits were collected and extracted into essential oil. Four formulas were developed by adding the neem extract in different concentrations (0ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml) and endured trial on 40 families having dogs or cats for 2 weeks to evaluate the chemical properties and physical performance of the animals. The four formula surveys on consumers about neem shampoo showed good cleansing and detergency. Significantly, formula 3 (neem oil 10ml; glycerine 40g; bamboo vinegar 5ml; distilled water 150ml; coconut oil 25ml; coco betaine 40ml; vitamin E 4.7mg; pomelo flavor 2g) was selected due to good performance to treat skin diseases, ticks and fleas, and did not irritate people and pets. Further research and development are required to assess its optimal quality and safety.

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