The phytopathogenic fungus Colletotrichum a devastating fungal that causes plant disease. In this study, we observed the potential of three bacilli strains, Bacillus sp. KRG, KRT dan LDR as biocontrol against Colletotrichum sp. KA. Antagonist test using streak and pour plate dual culture method showed that all the Bacillus strains could inhibit growth of Colletotrichum sp. KA. The inhibition percentage by non-delayed antagonist assay using streak technique from Bacillus KRG, KRT and LDR were 47.88 %, 46.39 % and 46.49 % respectively. The inhibition increased in the delayed antagonist assay because the Bacillus strains were inoculated one day prior to Colletotrichum sp. KA. The inhibition percentage by delayed assay of Bacillus sp. KRG, KRT and LDR were 58.72 %, 55.10 % and 61.10 % respectively. The pour plate method indicated most affected technique to inhibit Colletotrichum sp. KA. It was indicated by growth of hyphae Colletotrichum sp. KA could not be observed or represented almost 100 % inhibited.

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