Hydrological modelling is a conceptual representation of a complex characteristic of real hydrologic features which developed to understand, analyse, predict and manage water resources in a watershed. The simulation of surface runoff was developed in the catchment of centre in Perlis State by using Hydrologic Modelling System (HEC-HMS). Estimation and prediction the flow in ungauged catchment were carried out by transporting parameters from the gauged catchment. In this study, parameters for ungauged catchment were derived from information close to ungauged catchment. The percent difference of peak flow and runoff for calibration at donor catchment showed reduced from 8.9% to 5.9% (peak discharge) and from 29.19% to 6% (volume runoff). The model calibration was indicated the value of Curve Number is 60 and the recession constant is 0.8, respectively. The result showed that the model successfully predicted of gauged catchment runoff and peak flow for calibration (94% and 94.1%), and validation (85.12% and 79.95%). This study have a significant contribution for future development of water resource in Perlis State and in ungauged catchment of Perlis.

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