The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education globally in the world has led to a temporary learning process carried out at home using digital learning. The limitations of digital learning tools, namely devices, and connecting the internet, cause learning, communication between teachers and students. The COVID-19 pandemic emergency situations cannot be predicted when it will end. However, through college, elementary school students still have to carry out the learning process carried out by students at home. Transformative knowledge can take place at home with the initial communication between the teacher and parents. Using a transformative approach in understanding the concepts, students will learn by reading, discussing, observing, and producing student experiences. This paper aims to provide knowledge about the teacher's task of communicating to parents'’ material guidelines that must be learned by helping students and helping parents create learning activities at home. Guidelines for learning activities, parental support, learning climate situations will encourage students to be prepared Self-Regulated in preparing learning activities, understanding problem situations, constructing knowledge, and giving meaning to concepts learned. Parents support the meaning of students' meaning and the teacher's task reinforces the results of the construction of knowledge built by students.

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