Research on the Bali Myna (Leucopsar rothschildi) on the different cage has been carried out in the area of West Bali National Park I Jembrana, Bali. This study aims to determine differences of the cage in the West Bali National Park area which can affect the behavior of Bali Myna. The method used in this study is the instantaneous scan sampling method. The results showed that the overall behavior of Bali Myna in the cage I, II, III (far from the official residence) and the cage IV, V (close to the official residence) had a different percentage. Perching behavior, canopy switching and having higher twitter behavior were found in a cage located far from the official residence. Whereas 22% of flying behavior and 21% of ingestive were carried out by birds in cages close to official houses compared to the percentage of the cages located far from official houses which only 9% of percentages for flying and 17% of percentages for ingestive. This is because cage II and III are natural locations and have different types of vegetation compared to cage IV and V.

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