Assessments can be used to document and collect information about learning. This documentation and information can be used to analyze the course of learning and materials for self-reflection, for teachers, and for students. This research involved 15 students of the Mathematics Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Negeri Malang. This study aims to see the effect of journal writing assessment on the improvement of students’ computational thinking skills. This research uses a qualitative approach. The results showed the affective/attitudinal aspect. Students stated that patterns recognition and abstraction was the most difficult part. Decomposition is the easiest part. The analytical assessment shows the average score for decomposition component 2.6 of 3, pattern recognition 2.7 of 3, abstraction 1.6 of 2, algorithm 1.9 of 2, and debugging 1.7 of 2. This shows that journal writing helps improve students’ computational thinking skills in solving the problem.

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