Materials possess some special properties at nanoscale which are different from the material properties found at macro scale. Nanoscale properties of the materials can be applied in many useful applications. In nanotechnology properties of materials at nanoscale are utilized in useful applications. Nanotechnology is the technique in which nanoscale properties of materials are used in construction, design of the structure. Nanotechnology can be used in modification of properties of a material at macroscale by mixing the nanoparticles of other materials in it. Earlier this technology was used in the field of medicines, biochemistry, microelectronics etc. which worked at micro level. Many developments in the field of nanotechnology have occurred. These developments in the field of nanotechnology have changed our expectations and abilities to change the properties of materials in such a way that they can be used in different new fields. Although road construction work is done in kilometres yet the field of road construction is not untouched from the applicability of nanotechnology. Use of nanotechnology is increasing day by day in the field of road construction works. Nanoscale properties of different materials are used for preparation of nanocomposites which are utilized in the field of road construction. Number of nano road materials exist which are capable of changing the service life of the road and may be effective in reducing the whole life cost of the road. Cement concrete is an important material for road construction. Cement concrete roads are becoming more and more popular now a days. Nanomaterials can be used in improving the quality of cement concrete. The strength gain in cement concrete with the use of nanomaterials may lead to some better steps in the field of road construction works.

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